OCZ Trion 100 Series SSD Review: Driving Cost Out Of Solid State Storage

OCZ Trion 100 Conclusion

Performance Summary: The OCZ Trion 100 series drives performed well overall considering their value pricing, but mostly trailed the other drives we tested, especially with writes. Read performance was competitive in most tests and with smaller transfer sizes, like those used in ATTO, the drive excels. The Trion 100’s performance also remain consistent regardless of the compressibility of data being transferred and access times were nice and fast relative to the competition.

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OCZ Trion 100 Series Solid State Drives -- Find Them At Amazon

There will be four drives in OCZ’s initial Trion 100 series line-up, ranging in capacity from 120GB on up to 960GB. Pricing for the drives is as follows:

At those prices, the OCZ Trion 100 series is competitive with other value-priced solid state drives on the market. Keep in mind though, those prices are MSRPs and we suspect the Trion 100's street prices will wiggle down somewhat over time. OCZ plans to be aggressive with the pricing on these drives.

Ultimately, the OCZ Trion 100 series doesn't break any benchmark records, but for those in the market for an affordable SSD to upgrade from a standard hard drive, it's a solid option.

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  • Strong Reads
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • OCZ Guru Utility 
  •  Trailed In Most Benchmarks, Especially With Writes

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