OCZ RevoDrive 350 PCI Express SSD Review

RevoDrive 350 ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO is another synthetic disk benchmark that measures transfer speeds across a specific volume length. It measures raw transfer rates for both reads and writes and graphs them out in an easily interpreted chart. We chose .5kb through 8192kb transfer sizes and a queue depth of 10 over a total max volume size of 256MB. ATTO's workloads are sequential in nature and measure raw bandwidth, rather than IO response time or access latency, etc. This test was performed on blank, formatted drives with default NTFS partitions in Windows 7 x64.

ATTO Disk Benchmark {Title}

Just as a quick frame of reference in this test, we tossed in a standard Intel SATA SSD for a sense of scale. Clearly, this SATA product is in another class as the fastest PCIe SSDs in this test overtake it by almost a factor of four. The OCZ RevoDrive 350 shows a similar scaling pattern. As transfer sizes get larger and more sequential, bandwidth increases dramatically. There are, however, a couple of odd valleys in both read and write bandwidth at the 256KB and 1024KB marks for the RevoDrive 350. Interestingly, here the RevoDrive 350 also claims the highest peak write throughput but doesn't show quite as strong in reads. That said, overall performance in excess of 1.2GB/sec with peak performance at 1.8GB/sec shows the RevoDrive 350 does live up to its specifications and is significantly faster than the previous-generation OCZ RevoDrive.

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