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PCMark & Gaming Performance

For our next round of benchmarks, we ran the Memory performance module built-into Futuremark's PCMark05. For those interested in more than just the graphs, we've got a quote from Futuremark that explains exactly what this test does and how it works...

"The Memory test suite is a collection of tests that isolate the performance of the memory subsystem. The memory subsystem consists of various devices on the PC. This includes the main memory, the CPU internal cache (known as the L1 cache) and the external cache (known as the L2 cache). As it is difficult to find applications that only stress the memory, we explicitly developed a set of tests geared for this purpose. The tests are written in C++ and assembly. They include: Reading data blocks from memory, Writing data blocks to memory performing copy operations on data blocks, random access to data items and latency testing." 

Performance Comparison with PCMark05
Overall Memory Score

PCMark05 paints a more intuitive picture than SANDRA, with higher speeds equating into better performance. There is a notable increase in performance from JEDEC DDR2-800 specified stock speed and the OCZ rated speeds. Overclocking gave a consistant positive result, although it was very minor.

In-Game Performance Comparisons
System Memory Affects Framerates?  You Betcha!

We continued our testing with some low-resolution F.E.A.R. tests. Despite the fact that this is a game benchmark that can be used to test the relative performance of video cards, frame rates are strongly influenced by processor speed and available memory bandwidth, especially at low resolutions, which is how we ran the tests to get the frame rates listed below.


We can clearly see the effect of high memory speeds with F.E.A.R. The faster speed offered by the rated specifications over JEDEC's standards results in a 5-7 fps performance gain. As with the other benchmarks, overclocking saw almost no tangible improvement in performance. There also wasn't much difference between the Reaper HPC PC2-8500 and the PC2-6400 EB. They posted essentually identical scores regardless of whether they were overclocked or not, once again due to the fact that we didn't overclock the CPU and FSB simultaneously with the memory.

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