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Benchmark Summary: OCZ's PC2-6400 modules placed a solid second in almost every benchmark, usually mere points behind the top performing Corsair XMS2.  Both the OCZ and Corsair kits were able to reach the tightest timings possible to us, running at  3-2-2-4 at a 204 MHz FSB, although the increases in performance compared to Kingston's kit at 3-4-4-4 were negligible.  We were able to overclock the OCZ memory up as high as 920MHz with our current setup, and we might have gotten even further with a different CPU and/or heatsink.  Even at these levels, we managed to increase memory bandwidth by approximately 12 percent.

OCZ's PC2-6400 EB Platinum Edition memory kit was able to compete directly with Corsair and Kingston at standard operating speeds and timings.  While Corsair's TWINX1024A-5400UL memory usually edged out OCZ, the performance deltas were slight, and real world results could equal a frame or two in gameplay at best.   Hitting 3-2-2-4 timings is always a plus, as these are currently the best timings that we've been able to achieve with DDR2.  What many will find most appealing is the higher speeds that OCZ provides. 

Unfortunately, a major downside of higher speeds along with low latency, comes in the form of a higher price tag for these types of modules.  We had some trouble locking down an actual street price for this set, but it's likely to be upwards of $265 for the kit.  At this price, it may be harder to justify not going with Corsair's TWINX1024A-5400UL, which is selling for a slightly higher premium but run a hair faster at stock speeds.  So is the slight gain worth the extra $20 or so?  We suppose how you answer that question will depend on the bulk of your wallet and more importantly wider availability of the product!  We've been told by OCZ that they'll be available within a week of this article's post date, at places like NewEgg.  So in conclusion, based on their very good performance and excellent overclockability, we're giving OCZ's PC2-6400 EB Platinum Edition a 9 on the HotHardware Heat Meter.

_Near the top of the charts in every benchmark
_Top rated memory when it comes to pure speed
_Platinum Mirrored Copper heatsinks
•  Relatively high price still compared to standard DDR
_First set we received would not allow test motherboard to boot at SPD settings

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