OCZ Agility EX Series SSD Review

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ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO is a more straight-forward type of disk benchmark that measures transfers across a specific volume length.  It measures raw transfer rates for both reads and writes and graphs them out in an easily interpreted chart.  We chose .5kb through 8192kb transfer sizes over a total max volume length of 256MB.  This test was performed on blank, formatted drives with NTFS partitions in Windows Vista 64bit with SP2 installed.

ATTO Disk Benchmark - Read/Write Performance
Version 2.34

OCZ Agility EX Series SLC 60GB

Intel 34nm X25-M Gen 2 160GB

Intel X25-M Gen 1 80GB 

OCZ Vertex Series 120GB

Corsair P256 256GB

As you can see, the Agility EX was not able to reach maximum performance until transfer sizes exceeded the 64kb mark. In this benchmark, the drive shows its capabilities by producing the fastest read performance of the group, although by a narrow margin. Nevertheless, the Agility EX produced a blazing transfer rate of 263.69 MB/s and exceeded the maximum read speed published by OCZ. In terms of write speed, it was second only to the 120GB Vertex Series drive. 

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