NVIDIA Quadro M6000 Review: Maxwell Goes Workstation

What About 4K?

The 4K scaling situation hasn't changed since we checked in last July. SpecViewPerf 12 doesn't officially support it, and manually modifying the utility to run the workloads in 4K, results in one test -- PTC Creo -- not rendering properly at all. Nonetheless, since it's going to be a major topic in future content creation suites, we've pushed ahead.

Keep in mind that these results are offered more for curiosity than any other reason. They do not represent an official or approved benchmark from any party.
SpecViePerf4K 1

SpecViewPerf4K 2

We'd like to highlight one of the most significant differences between our K6000 results and the new Quadro M6000. Last year, when we tested the W9100, we noticed that the gap between the NVIDIA and AMD GPUs narrowed significantly between 1080p and 4K. The W9100 was 82% as fast as the K6000 at 1080p, but was actually 1% faster (again, on average) in 4K testing. That's a delta shift of nearly 19%.

The AMD FirePro W9100 still gains ground when compared to the NVIDIA Quadro M6000, but the gap isn't half so great. The AMD GPU improves its performance from a 52% showing to 59%. What this suggests, overall, is that the M6000 could shape up to be the better overall GPU for 4K scaling when such workloads become mainstream. As we've said, however, treat these results as early markers.

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