NVIDIA Quadro M6000 Review: Maxwell Goes Workstation

Autodesk Maya 2015, AutoCAD 2015

SPEC has updated the Maya test suite since our last review, so we're using the Maya 2012 test rather than the older Maya 2009 benchmark. Performance is given as a single GFX composite score for each of the four cards. Just in case this is confusing: We're using a benchmark compiled for Maya 2012, but running it in Maya 2015.

Maya doesn't present any of our GPUs with a particularly demanding workload. The M6000 is only slightly faster than the K6000 here, but both Nvidia cards are about 30% faster than AMD's W9100.

AutoCAD 2015:

For AutoCAD 2015 we tested the latest version of the long-running CADalyst benchmark (now up to Version 5.5). The CADalyst tests aren't necessarily the best fit for high-end GPUs, since the workloads don't really stretch the huge framebuffers on any GPU -- but since part of the buying process is figuring out what programs do and don't benefit from high-end GPUs, we've included the results here:
Maxwell picks up about 8% over Kepler and beats the W9100 by almost 35%. AutoCAD's performance doesn't change much between lower and higher-end cards, unless you've got truly enormous models that can stretch the frame buffer.

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