NVIDIA's GeForce4 Ti and GeForce4 MX Debut!

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nVIDIA's New GeForce4 Ti and GeForce4 MX
The NV25 and NV17 Debut

By Dave Altavilla

We fired up Serious Sam - The Second Encounter and set the in game drivers to OpenGL mode and maxed out the texture and detail quality, to see how things would shape up for the GeForce4 Ti and MX.  This sequel to the first  Serious Sam game uses next generation game engine enhancements from the Croteam developers.  Here are the results.

Croteam's Serious Sam - The Second Encounter
Time demo's with the sequel to Serious Sam

Although significantly more advanced and visually impressive than Quake 3, Serious Sam is a "mature" game engine in OpenGL.  Here you see the cards are tightly bunched together in these tests, with the exception of the GeForce4 Ti 4600.  Don't be alarmed by the fairly modest frame rates here.  This demo has a ton of action in it and we've have all the eye candy turned up to maximum.

Next, we'll show you the AA results here.

We ran all of the above AA tests at a modest 1024X768 resolution, again with maximum detail setting and 32 bit color.  The GeForce4 MX shows what a very competitive performer it can be for a value card, besting the Radeon 8500 with the exception of 4X mode.  Quinxcunx by the way, looks really nice with this game and a little goose to the anisotropic filtering levels.  The GeForce4 Ti 4600 pretty much sneezes at the other cards in this test, commanding a 34 to 50% lead.  This is simply amazing performance and one can't help but be extremely impressed by the capabilities of this card. 



Max Payne, Anisotropic Filtering  Benchmarks, OVER-CLOCKING and the conclusion

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