NVIDIA Titan RTX Review: A Pro Viz, Compute, And Gaming Beast

NVIDIA Titan RTX: SPECviewperf 13 Benchmarks

Next up we have some numbers from SPECviewperf v13, the latest version of the venerable SPEC benchmark as of this article's publication. The entire test suite has been overhauled for this version, and it includes a new extensible architecture that's designed to make SVP easier to customize and adapt for a variety of workloads. The test also includes new medical and energy datasets, updated classic viewsets, and includes a test for Autodesk Showcase.

SPECviewperf v13
Workstation Graphics Performance

SPECviewperf includes a variety of tests, which produce significantly different framerates, so we've sorted them into three groups to make the results a bit easier to read. Please note the legends at the bottom of each chart, which designate the application or viewset used...




The Titan RTX's SPECviewperf results are interesting. Note, that we've included the GeForce GTX 2080 Ti in the charts here, and its consumer drivers may, or may not, optimally run all of the pro-graphics workloads presented by this benchmark suite.

The results are all over the map, but you'll notice some huge deltas depending on the test. For example, the snx-03 result is strong on the Titan RTX, but abysmal on the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. Catia is also much faster on the Titan RTX versus the 2080 Ti -- like Cinebench, this is due to limitations in NVIDIA's consumer GPU drivers.  In comparison to the Quadro P6000, the Titan RTX pulls ahead in a handful of tests, which bodes very well for the Titan, considering it is priced over $1000 less.

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