NVIDIA Mobile GeForce GTX 10-Series Review: Pascal Notebooks Slay Benchmarks

Test Setup, Vital Signs And 3DMark Testing

How We Tested NVIDIA's Mobile GeForce GTX 10 Series GPUs

Testing these two GeForce GTX 10-series powered machines was fast and furious for us. Due to some recent travel and impending IDF coverage, we only had a couple of days to test the machines. We were able to run a suite of tests that are comparable to many of our recent gaming notebook reviews. We did not, however, have enough time to fully evaluate overclocking, battery life or BatteryBoost. We will be following up this article with full reviews of the individual notebooks and offer more detail then.

ASUS G752 Pascal Mobile Loaded
ASUS ROG G752 @ 50% GPU Load, Full Boost Clock - Mobile GeForce GTX 1070

MSI Apache Pascal Mobile loaded
MSI GE62 Apache Pro @ 80% GPU Load, Full Boost Clock - Mobile GeForce GTX 1060

Before we dive into our benchmark results, we have a couple of screenshots to share. What you see above is the latest version of GPU-Z running on top of Shadows of Mordor. In the screenshots, you can see a number of vital signs for each GPU, including the maximum boost clocks, memory clocks, GPU temperature and more. These numbers may not translate to all mobile GeForce GTX 10-series based notebooks, but they are representative of what the Asus and MSI machines we used for testing can do.

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme, Sky Diver And Time Spy
Synthetic DX11 Performance

3DMark Fire Strike Pascal Mobile

Our results with 3DMark Fire Strike are going to set the tone for the rest of the benchmarks. As you can see, the mobile GeForce GTX 1070-equipped Asus notebook dominates the field, followed by the GTX 1060-powered MSI notebook. The next best result comes from a GeForce GTX 970M, but the delta separating that machine from the MSI notebook is significant. Unfortunately, we don't have a GeForce GTX 980 or 980M result for this test, but we do have some in some of the other tests, so keep an eye out for that comparison as well.

3D Mark Sky Diver Pascal Mobile

3DMark Skydiver tells a very similar story. The GeForce GTX 1070 in the Asus notebook blows everything else away and the GTX 1060 drops in just behind it. Also worth noting, is that that the 1060 has a marked advantage over the GeForce GTX 980M here.

3DMark Time Spy Pascal Mobile

We do not have a database of results from gaming notebooks using the recently-released 3DMark Time Spy DirectX 12 test, but were able to compare the GeForce GTX 10-series machines to a GeForce GTX 970M-based CybertronPC CLX Osiris.  As you can see, the performance trend we've seen thus far continued in this test with mobile Pascal leading the pack.

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