NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590: Dual GF110s, One PCB

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Just Cause 2 Performance

Just Cause 2
DX10.1 Gaming Performance

Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 was released in March 2010, from developers Avalanche Studios and Eidos Interactive. The game makes use of the Avalanche Engine 2.0, an updated version of the similarly named original. It is set on the fictional island of Panau in southeast Asia, and you play the role of Rico Rodriquez. We benchmarked the graphics cards in this article using one of the built-in demo runs called Desert Sunrise. The test results shown here were run at various resolutions and settings. This game also supports a few CUDA-enabled features, but they were left disabled to keep the playing field level. 

The new GeForce GTX 590 takes the top spot in Just Cause 2 with the resolution set to 1920x1200. At the higher resolution though, the Radeon HD 6990 inches ahead. Once again, the deltas separating the two cards are relatively small.

One thing we want to point out with regard to Just Cause 2 though is that the game offers enhanced image quality when using an NVIDIA card. JC2 features GPU simulated water and a Bokeh filter that enhance the realism of the graphics, and neither feature is available with a Radeon. While performance between NVIDIA's and AMD's flagship cards may be similar in this game, the NVIDIA options offer more than just high framerates here.

Multi-GPU tests with Just Cause 2 show the GeForce GTX 570 SLI configuration performing about on-par with the GTX 590. Significantly better quad-GPU scaling helps the pair of Radeon HD 6990s move out to a large lead over the quad-SLI GTS 590 setup.

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