NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590: Dual GF110s, One PCB

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FarCry 2 Performance

FarCry 2
DirectX Gaming Performance

FarCry 2

Like the original, FarCry 2 is one of the more visually impressive games to be released on the PC to date. Courtesy of the Dunia game engine developed by Ubisoft, FarCry 2's game-play is enhanced by advanced environment physics, destructible terrain, high resolution textures, complex shaders, realistic dynamic lighting, and motion-captured animations.  We benchmarked the graphics cards in this article with a fully patched version of FarCry 2, using one of the built-in demo runs recorded in the "Ranch" map.  The test results shown here were run at various resolutions with 4X AA enabled.

It was another close call, but in the FarCry 2 benchmark, the Radeon HD 6990 takes another slight lead over the GeForce GTX 590. At about 120FPS on up though, at a resolution of 2560x1600, with max details, anti-aliasing and aniso enabled, we doubt anyone would complain about performance here.

In the multi-GPU tests, you can see that a pair of mid-range cards perform about as well as the dual-GPU cards and that FarCry 2 is compeltely CPU bound, even with a 6-core CPU at the heart of the test system.

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