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F1 2010 Performance

F1 2010
DirectX 11 Gaming Performance

F1 2010

Though Codemasters still continues to torture us with their ridiculously complicated labyrinth of game menus, we’ve found ourselves coming back to one of their titles for a taste of bleeding-edge DX11 benchmarking. F1 2010 is their latest racing simulation and like Dirt 2, it sports impressive visuals with DX11 support. “Ultra” settings for shadow effects and post processing elements like depth of field then become available to the gamer and in turn, crank up the workload on the graphics subsystem. The game engine also makes use of multi-core processors for higher performance on top-end systems. We tested the game configured with its Ultra graphics options at resolutions of 1920x1200 and 2560x1600.

Our results with F1 2010 are the complete opposite of Lost Planet 2 from the previous page. In this game the Radeons have a huge advantage, with every Radeon outpacing the GTX 560 (with the exception of a single test at 1920x1200).

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