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In addition to profound performance in the latest and greatest titles, the GeForce Go 7800 GTX is equipped with a number of features to enhance its mobile capabilities and increase functionality. Overall, this is easily the most robust mobile GPU we've come across to date.

The Geforce Go 7800 GTX features NVIDIA's latest PowerMizer 6.0 technology. In short, this technology allows the user to tailor overall 3D performance to the application at hand and the available power.  This is done through a variety of techniques ranging from maximum CPU offload, maximum usage of ACPI low-power-states, a mobile-specific GPU performance-per-watt design, fully programmable on-chip video processor, leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing technologies, and advanced PCI-Express power management.

One of the more interesting features of the GeForce Go 7800 GTX is support for NVIDIA's PureVideo technology. Here, the onboard video processing engine allows for enthusiast-quality playback of nearly any media. In practice, we've seen some extraordinary results from NVIDIA's PureVideo technology which puts it on par with some high-end DVD players. Keep your eyes posted for an in-depth analysis of this technology in the near future as we are currently working on an article to illustrate our results.

By default, the GeForce Go 7800GTX ships with a core frequency of 400MHz and a memory frequency of 1.1GHz. Despite being squeezed into a significantly smaller mobile form factor, the notebook GPU is clocked only 30MHz lower than the full-fledged desktop counterpart. Given the exceptional overclocking headroom we've witnessed with desktop G70 cards, we were anxious to see how the mobile part would fare.

You can imagine our surprise as we saw the GPU clock up to 467MHz with no visual artifacts or stability issues! Here, the highest overclock we were able to obtain gained us an additional 67MHz on the core and a full 120MHz for the memory modules. As you'll see on the following pages, these gains resulted in some impressive benchmark results that were unheard of for a mobile GPU.

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