NVIDIA DualTV MCE with Remote Control - Dual TV Tuner Card

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Installation and Configuration Options Continued

Installation and Configuration Options Continued
A Flexible Solution

Dual Set-Top Unit Configuration:  The last configuration option with the DualTV MCE is with two set-top cable boxes connected to rear inputs.  With the single set-top set up, you do not get the dual tuner like functionality, however, with two set-up boxes connected, it is very similar to connection a cable signal to the CATV input, without the channel limitations of straight cable input.

In this scenario, both "blaster" extensions are connect to the IR receiver with their receivers attached to each player respectively. 

Remote Control Configuration:  Below is an illustration provided by NVIDIA on the general IR remote and blaster setup.  With the IR receiver connected to the PC via USB, each blaster connects to the IR receiver while the other end containing the LED Emitter is adhered to the sensor of the set-top cable box.

Interestingly, the general impression is that you simply connect the hardware to the computer and set-top(s) and your are on your way.  What I can say is that with my particular cable box connected, every time I ran through the Window XP MCE wizard, I was continually told that I had no compatible IR remote and that I should connect one.  After a fair amount of troubleshooting, there was no getting around this issue and chalked it up to being incompatible with my particular set-top box (Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000 DVR Series).  So while this feature should work without a hitch in most cases, there is the potential that the remote control package may not work with your hardware.

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