NVIDIA DualTV MCE with Remote Control - Dual TV Tuner Card

Introduction and Product Specifications

With the advent of Windows XP Media Center Edition, a whole new playing field was created to help advance the relationship between multimedia and the PC.  Designed solely for use in OEM systems at first, Windows XP Media Center Edition helped open the door for OEMs to create PCs with an increased emphasis on all things multimedia.  Integrating a slick, easy to follow interface along with PVR like functionality, user's could build their entire entertainment system with a Windows XP MCE based PC tying it all together.  From a single system, users could upload images, pause, rewind and record live TV, author custom videos and DVDs and more, all from one location.

With Windows XP Media Center maturing nicely since its first introduction, the market for Windows XP MCE TV solutions has grown as well.  With the DualTV MCE package, NVIDIA aims to up the ante versus the best options currently offered from their competitors, namely the ATI TV-Wonder Elite PCI and Hauppauge's WinTV PVR 500MCE.

The most prominent feature of the DualTV MCE are its dual TV Tuners, which competes directly with the WinTV PVR 500MCE.  Additionally, NVIDA includes an IR Remote Control with a receiver that is equipped with two extensions to permit the control of two set-top cable boxes.  With an auto detection option, as well as the ability to "learn" the frequency of many existing cable box remote controls, NVIDIA's DualTV with Remote Package aims to help a Windows XP MCE based PC seamlessly integrate into an existing Home Entertainment setup with competitive features and an easy installation. And with dual integrated TV tuners, the NVIDIA DualTV MCE also allows for recording of one channel while viewing another.

Specifications of NVIDIA DualTV MCE
Dual-Tuner Solution For Windows XP MCE 2005


-Dual-channel TV reception and A/V capture

  • Source type: analog terrestrial broadcast, analog cable broadcast, and analog A/V signal from set-top boxes or other A/V equipment
  • Signal type: radio frequency (RF from antenna, cable TV, output of set-top boxes) or baseband (S-Video or composite video)
  • TV standards
    - NTSC board: NTSC M/N
    - PAL/SECAM board: PAL I, B/G, D/K, SECAM D/K, L/L'

-Dual-stream MPEG2 A/V encode with MediaSqueeze technology

  • Video: MPEG2 MP@ML, 720x480 (standard definition)
  • Audio: MPEG1L2

-Uncompressed A/V capture

  • Video: 720x480 (standard definition)
  • Audio: PCM (16-24 bit per sample, up to 48 KHz)

-FM radio tuner

-Internal splitter for RF with in-line signal amplifier - only a single RF input is needed for the two internal tuners

3D comb filter and 3D noise reduction with PureVideo technology

Minimum System Requirements

-Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (including Update Roll-up 2)
-1.6 GHz Intel Pentium4, Celeron, or equivalent AMD Athlon or Sempron CPU (2.4 GHz recommended for all CPU)
-256 MB system memory (512MB highly recommended)
-Available PCI slot
-Graphics with 64MB DDR, DXVA (motion-compensation), and Microsoft DirectX 9.0 support (128MB DDR recommended)
-20 GB free space on Ultra DMA (ATA/66) hard disk (40GB or more recommended)
-DirectSound-compatible sound card or integrated audio
-CD-ROM drive (DVD-ROM or DVD recorder drive recommended)
-Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or later

-Connectors on Bracket **

-TV antenna or cable TV - F-Connector (NTSC) or IEC-connector (PAL)
-FM radio antenna - F-Connector (NTSC) or IEC-connector (PAL)
-Direct A/V inputs (2 sets)
-S-Video input - 4-Pin DIN (composite video via included adapter)
-Line-level stereo audio - stereo minijack

Compliance and Certifications

-Designed for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (including Update Roll-up 2)
-Imaging Science Research Labs / Imaging Science Foundation


Along with the DualTV Tuner card, the DualTV MCE Remote Edition comes bundled with a myriad of useful hardware and software aimed at improving your Windows XP MCE experience.  Below is a complete list of the package contents: 


  • NVIDIA DualTV Tuner Card
  • NVIDIA DualTV Installation CD
    -Includes MCE-Certified PureVideo Decoder, WDM Driver and User's Guide in PDF Format
  • NVIDIA DualTV Quick Start Guide
  • NVIDIA DualTV Remote Control Guide
  • MCE Compatible IR Remote Control
  • MCE Compatible IR Receiver with IR Blasters
  • FM Antenna Cable
  • S-Video Cable
  • Composite Video adapter
  • Composite Audio/Video Cable
  • Dual RCA to Minijack Audio Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Coaxial Splitter
  • Sonic MyDVD LE

While the bundle is comprehensive, NVIDIA came up with a compact package that holds all of the items neatly.  From documentation to the DualTV tuner card to the remote and additional cabling, NVIDIA has all of the bases covered nicely.

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