NVIDIA DualTV MCE with Remote Control - Dual TV Tuner Card

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Installation and Configuration Options

Installation and Configuration Options
A Flexible Solution

Straight Analog Cable Configuration:  NVIDIA built the DualTV MCE Edition TV card to fit a wide range of hardware scenarios.  Probably the most typical installation scenario is the straight Analog cable connection.  This setup simply takes a straight cable connection to the card right from the wall jack without a cable box in the loop.  This is the simplest of the setups, with no special considerations needed in most cases.

Single Set-Top Unit Configuration:  Another option is to connect the DualTV MCE edition to a set-top cable box via the SVID1 and AUD1 inputs on the rear of the card.  This allows for viewing of as many channels as your cable box can provide.  Furthermore, in many instances, the remote control can be configured to control the basic channel changing and volume controls of your cable box so juggling between remotes is not necessary.  This is implemented by connecting the first IR Blaster into port one of the IR receiver and sticking the blaster receiver to the front of the cable box, nearly on top of the box's own IR receiver.


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