NEC MultiSync EA305WMi Professional Monitor With ControlSync Review

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NEC MultiSync EA305WMi Monitor Final Analysis

There’s no doubt that the NEC EA305WMi is somewhat pricey. At $1,399 MSRP, some users may expect a higher resolution than the 2560x1600 this display has to offer. But the EA305WMi is designed expressly for professional, multi-monitor configurations, and the features that NEC added to that end play a role in the monitor’s overall value. Being able to control the settings for all connected monitors by using a single, master monitor is an attractive feature for this type of display.

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For anyone that requires a properly calibrated monitor, the EA305WMi and the MDSVSENSOR3 tool make that part of the job much easier. Although we didn't thoroughly review it separately, we can see why certain users would want to pick up the SpectraView II EA Color software and the sensor when purchasing the monitor after using them to tweak our setup.

Of course, many users will be less interested in the calibration tool than in having multiple monitors that work well and can be controlled simultaneously from a single intergace. The EA series is built for this purpose. The ControlSync technology ensures that your settings are identical across as many as six compatible monitors.

Overall, the MultiSync EA305WMi is an excellent monitor. As we mentioned before, the $1,399 MSRP (about $1,108 at Amazon) could be a significant hurdle for buyers who want multiple, professional grade monitors, but if this display isn’t out of your price range, it may well be worth putting on your short list.
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  • ControlSync tech for up to six
    connected monitors
  • Sturdy design
  • Very adjustable
  • Price may be out of range
    for some buyers

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