MU-MIMO Router Head-to-Head: Linksys EA7500 vs. Netgear Nighthawk X4S

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Linksys Admin Software

Admin Software

We've covered the Linksys administration software before, and are happy to report that nothing has changed. We like the clean, modern-looking interface, and have found it easy-to-use and navigate. Check out the screenshots below as we walk you through it. 


The main window of the interface is similar to Netgear in that it offers both link-based menu items as well as icon-based boxes. You can click the X in the corner of the boxes to remove them from the main window, or drag them to a new location.  


The network map clearly illustrates connected devices, and tells you which network they are connected to as well. 


You can limit the number of people connected to the guest network, and easily change security settings too.


Unlike the Netgear router we'll be showing you a little later, the Parental Control module is built into the software, and lets you schedule Internet access for specific devices. 


Another difference between this router and the Netgear model is that it lets you drag-and-drop connected devices into a "high priority" window. You can also drag certain games and apps into the window as well to prioritize their network traffic. 


The Speed Test portion of the interface has always been disappointing, and non-functional for us. This time around it was no different.


If you connect a USB hard drive you can manage the settings here, including toggling FTP access and enabling DLNA media capabilities. 


Linksys makes it easy to adjust security settings for both the wireless networks and the router itself in one window. We also like that you can update the router's firmware here too. 


The troubleshooting window gives you information that could be helpful in figuring out any potential problems on the network. 


The security window lets you configure settings for the firewall, DMZ, and other apps and games. 

Linksys also offers a mobile app that mirrors the look-and-feel of its software interface and is easy to use. 

linksysmobile 1 linksysmobile 2 linksysmobile 3

linksysmobile 4 linksysmobile 5 linksysmobile 6

Overall the software experience with the Linksys EA7500 was the same as we've experienced before — pleasant and painless. 

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