MSI P35 Platinum Combo Intel P35 Motherboard

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Gaming Tests with Crysis and Company of Heroes

Benchmarks with Crysis SP Demo and Company of Heroes v1.71
DirectX 10 Gaming Performance

Our final two tests are gaming benchmarks configured to test CPU and memory performance rather than graphics performance.  This is done by reducing the image quality and resolution so the graphics subsystem is no longer the performance bottleneck, virtually eliminating the graphics card from the equation.  The first test we used was Company of Heroes followed by Crysis.

With all settings at their lowest, Company of Heroes was able to churn out very high framerates.  When comparing the P35 Platinum Combo to itself, there was no variation when switching between memory types.  With regards to the Athlon based comparison systems, the scores trailed roughly 33% overall.

With Crysis, we saw more nominal variations, believing at even low frame rates, the scores may be influenced by the video card somewhat.  With this test, we recorded a 15FPS difference on average, favoring the P35 Platinum Combo.  Once again, the differences in scores with DDR2 and DDR3 were negligible.

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