MSI NX7800 GTX x 2: Retail SLI

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Halo v1.06

Performance Comparisons with Halo v1.06

No additional patches or tweaks are necessary to benchmark with Halo, as Gearbox has included all of the necessary information to test with this game within its Readme file. This benchmark works by running through four of the long cut-scenes within the game, after which the average frame rate is recorded. Halo was one of the first games to have a PS 2.0 code path, and even though its graphics are no longer considered cutting edge, compute performance and fillrate still affect overall performance in this test. We updated Halo using the most recent v1.06 patch and ran this benchmark twice, once at a resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 and then again at 1,600 x 1,200. Anti-aliasing doesn't work properly with Halo, so all of the tests below were run with anti-aliasing disabled.


As you can see in the charts above, the single MSI NX7800GTX and the pair of NX7800GTX cards running in SLI mode posted virtually the same framerates as NVIDIA's reference cards -- which were quite good. MSI's NX7800GTX was the fastest single card we tested, and it even managed to surpass the pair of 6800 Ultras running in SLI mode at both resolutions. And a pair of NX7800GTXs single can't be touched by any other configuration, except the reference 7800 GTXs, of course.

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