MSI DR16-B 16X DVD+/- R/RW Dual Layer Drive

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More DVD+R and Dual Layer Write Performance

CD/DVD Write Performance Testing
Pushing it to 16X

Nero CD-DVD Speed - DVD+R Write Test:

Again, we repeated the process, this time with 8X DVD+R media in each drive.


This time around, each drive managed to hit the 16X range, with the MSI drive peaking at 15.95X and the ASUS reference drive hitting a peak of 16.25X. While we were disappointed to see that the MSI failed to break 16X, don't let this fool you, the MSI drive managed a higher average speed of 11.43X compared to the ASUS at 10.13X.  This seemingly innocuous difference resulted in the MSI drive burning a DVD+R a full minute faster than the comparison drive, taking 6:11 minutes compared to 7:11. 

Nero CD-DVD Speed - DVD+R/Dual Layer Write Test:

Our last test will demonstrate the MSI DR16-B's Dual Layer performance.  For this test we used Verbatim media rated for 2.4X.



Each drive used Constant Linear Velocity, with the MSI DR16-B locked at 2.4X and the ASUS DRW-1604P running a steady 4.01X throughout.  This broad range of speeds makes for some large swings in recording speeds.  At 2.4X the MSI drive took 44:38 minutes to complete the task compared to the ASUS drive getting it done in 27:08.  The real strength of the ASUS drive is that it does this with standard 2.4X media.  We should note that the reason the graph is missing on the left is that for some reason, when the test completed, the screen refreshed immediately.  Sadly, it took several Dual-Layer disks to realize this, a costly problem when three disks cost $35.  Nonetheless, this bug didn't stop us from seeing the complete time, and we can say that the graph pattern was identical to the ASUS image.

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