MSI DR16-B 16X DVD+/- R/RW Dual Layer Drive

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HH Test Bed and Nero InfoTool

Next, we'll turn our focus to the performance of the DR16-B Dual-Layer DVD drive, assessing its read and write capabilities.  As a frame of reference, we've compared the performance of the drive to an ASUS DRW-1604P, which boasts similar functionality.

The HotHardware Test Machine

MSI DR16-B Dual Layer DVD+/- R/RW
ASUS DRW-1604P Dual Layer DVD+/- R/RW
Albatron 875P Motherboard
Pentium 4-C @ 2.4GHz.
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900XT
512MB Kingston HyperX PC3500 CAS 2
Integrated Audio
Western Digital ATA100 30GB - 7200RPM

VIA 4-in-1 v4.51
DirectX 9.0b

Utilities and Media Used For Testing

  • Nero InfoTool

  • Nero CD-DVD Speed

  • 3.9GB of MP3 files for all DVD Data Read Tests

  • 677MB AVI file for All CD Data Read Tests

  • Underworld on DVD for all DVD Movie Tests


  • Media:
    -Maxell 40X CD-R
    -Imation 8x DVD-R
    -Imation 8X DVD+R

    -Verbatim 2.4X DVD+R Dual Layer

Nero InfoTool:

Nero InfoTool is a simple-to-run utility that catalogues a drive's functionality by polling its firmware.  Here we lined up MSI's DR16-B with an ASUS DRW-1604P for reference.


Both drives cover a broad range of fucntionality, although the MSI DR16-B doesn't support DVD-RAM as the comparison model does.  However, The DR16-B holds an advantage in CD-R write performance at 40X over the ASUS' 32X.  Both sport the same CD read speeds at 40X.  Additionally, each drive offers 16X DVD+/-R write support, although this is dependant on a limited collection of supported media, some rated for 8X.  With Dual Layer writing, the MSI drive sports 2.4X recording whereas the ASUS drive can do 4X with 2.4X media. 

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