MSI DR16-B 16X DVD+/- R/RW Dual Layer Drive

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DVD Movie Playback Performance


CD/DVD Read Performance Testing
Movie Playback

Nero CD-DVD Speed - Movie Playback Test:

Our final read test will focus on DVD Movie playback.  For this we used a copy of Underworld.


With movie playback, each drive continued to use CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) to read the data.  This results in a steady drive speed, resulting in a less drive noise fluctuations.  Here, the MSI drive turned out the best performance, averaging 6X compared to the ASUS' 3.92X.  Naturally, this has no bearing on movie playback performance, but if you want to rip a movie to a hard drive, the MSI DR16-B will get the job done much quicker.  We continued to see Seek Times favor the MSI drive while CPU and Burst Rates leaned in favor of the ASUS DRW-1604P.

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