MSI ATI Theater 550 Pro PCI

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MSI ATI Theater 550 Pro
Goodies Inside The Box

TV Tuners aren't exactly massive pieces of hardware, as you can see below. The red PCB falls in line with many of MSI's other products. The ports, from left to right are: CATV In Connector, FM Radio Antenna Connector, and the AV IN Connector which allows for S-Video, Composite, and Audio L/R connections. As you can see, there are no heatsinks located on the PCB, and there's no need to worry about it overheating, or creating any substantial amount of extra heat in your case.


All of the goodies needed for the full TV experience are here. Recording shows, making and playing DVD's, even listening to the radio are all just a couple of clicks away. The PowerCinema software is your main tool, allowing you to watch TV, keep track of your recorded shows, view pictures, listen to music files, and listen to live FM Radio. MakeDVD and Power2Go can be used to burn all of your newly recorded media. The FM Radio Antenna is fairly long(just under 8ft), so you shouldn't have any trouble getting a decent signal. The AV IN Connector is included so you can grab media from other devices such as a VCR or DVD Player. To the novice user, ripping your home movies from a camcorder to your computer, and eventually burning them onto a DVD might seem like a daunting task. And to some degree it can be, however, all the needed tools have been supplied, and thanks to the help of various forums across the net, you're not looking at a mission impossible situation.


TV Tuner packages have become somewhat standardized. Aside from the required cables and TV viewing software, packages usually consist of a slim user manual, a few DVD authoring programs, and of course a functional remote that looks like it belongs next to your brand spanking new DVD player, rather than next to your computer. The remote has some great features, which we'll cover later on. Now, it's time to take the helm with the PowerCinema software.

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