MSI ATI Theater 550 Pro PCI

Introducing the MSI Theater 550 Pro

After recently reviewing the Leadtek WinFast TV USB II Deluxe and Diamond's Xtreme TV PVR 550 Power Pack, there are certain things we've come to expect in PC TV tuners. For one, easy driver and software installation is important. And the bundled software and its functionality is a primary concern as well.  After all, what good is a TV Tuner without quality software to run it? And of course, the device's image quality has to be good.

On the surface, MSI's Theatre 550 Pro seems like an appealing product, but as we all know it's how a product performs in the real world that counts. ATI's Theater 550 Pro chip, which is at the heart of the MSI card, has been used to power a few different TV Tuners. We actually took a comprehensive look at the Theater 550 Pro's features a few months back should you want more details on this impressive chip. Today at HotHardware though, we're going to take a look at MSI's multimedia offering, to see if it has what it takes to be a serious contender in this market segment. Let's get started with an overview of the card's specs and the package contents.

Product Features and System Requirements
Package Contents
ATI Theater 550 Pro PCI Card
Remote Control
USB Receiver

Manuals and Books:

Quick Installation Guide

Software Packaged:

Theater 550 Pro Drivers
PowerCinema 3.0
Power2Go 4 - DVD

System Requirements:

Windows XP
Pentium 3/4 or Similar CPU
Television Source(Antenna, Analog/Digital Cable, Satellite)
Available PCI Slot

Pricing and Availability:



1 Year Limited Warranty
Notable Features:

FM Radio Reception
16MB DDR memory and 3D Comb Filter Real-time MPEG2 hardware compression
Record from any video source (TV, VCR, DVD, Camcorder, etc.)
Skip Commercials on Playback
Auto and Full Channel scan
Scheduled Recording
ATI Theater 550 Pro Technology:
ATI Theater 550 Pro Features:
  • Video Decoder
  • Worldwide Stereo Audio Support
  • Digital 12-bit IF demodulation
  • MPEG-2 Encoder
  • 12-bit Video Decoder w/ Hardware 3D Comb Filter
  • Hardware Noise Reduction
  • FM Radio
  • Closed Captioning and Teletext Support
  • Integrated Anti-Aliasing Filters



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