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MSI's 694T Pro Motherboard
Let's Shed Some Light on the Subject

By, Jeff Bouton
September 6th, 2001


Sandra 2001 se
Some Low Level Scores...


Below lists the system performance of the 694T Pro at a default 1.2GHz. and overclocked at 1.45GHz.











If there is one thing that we can say about motherboards running Intel's new "Tualatin" processor is that the Sandra score are pretty impressive.  At the default 1.2GHz. processor speed, the 694T Pro matched both the CPU and Multimedia performance of an Athlon system running the same speed.  We found the memory scores above average with the 694T Pro and hard drive performance was on par with other systems we've tested.  The real fun came when we turned up the bus speed to 160MHz., pushing the CPU to 1.45GHz., and then let Sandra do her thing.  The CPU and Multimedia performance topped everything else on the scale including a 1.6GHz. P4.  Once overclocked, the RAM performance gave a few DDR systems a run for their money.


With this board exhibiting great stability and performance, the next thing to do is have a little fun and see how it handles some more of today's popular benchmarks....


3DMark 2001 & Quake 3 Arena
Takin' It To The Limit...


First off, we decided to see how this system performed running 3D Mark 2001.  There is nothing like a heavy dose of DirectX 8 to stress a system.



At the default speed of 1.2GHz., our test system put up a decent score, although a bit slower than the baseline.  Once we sped things up to 1.45GHz., we found an modest gain of almost 8%.  Surely with the help of an overclocked videocard, that number would be much higher.  All-in-all, though, not a bad showing.


What review would be complete without our next choice, Quake 3.  This is the definitive OpenGL stress tester, so we ran the Timedemo 001 at 640x480x16 to see what the board is capable of maxing out at.




At the core speed of 1.2GHz. the system virtually tied with our baseline Intel board.  The real fun came when we kicked the processor up to 1.45GHz., we hit the CPU limit at 230FPS!  This was one of the highest reading this reviewer has seen on a PIII based motherboard.  With the FSB clocked at 160MHz., we saw a tremendous gain of just under 20%.  If there is one thing we can say about this board, she's ready to play!


When it comes to the 694T Pro Motherboard, there is no denying that MSI has put together a real winner.  Throughout the testing of this board, I was impressed with its quality, performance, and stability.  Whether you are in the market for a high quality workstation, or you're a hardcore overclocker looking for a sweet PIII gaming rig, the 694T Pro will not disappoint.  The Diagnostic LED feature is nice touch, although I doubt there would be much of a reason to use them.  If you are going to consider purchasing this board, my only suggestion is that you hold your breath for a R.A.I.D. version.

For excellent design, features, and stability as well as good overclocking potential, we give the MSI 694T Pro motherboard a Hot Hardware Meter Rating of a...

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