Motorola DROID RAZR M Smartphone Review

Performance Testing: CPU, Browser And Graphics

In addition to using the Motorola DROID RAZR M in a variety of everyday usage scenarios, we also conducted some formal performance testing to see how well the handset compares to other smartphones in the same league.


CPU testing
Android CPU testing


In the Linpack test, the Droid RAZR M posted an impressive score, smashing flagship phones from six to nine months ago, destroying the Galaxy Nexus, and even besting the HTC One X and Galaxy S III.

Graphics testing
Android graphics testing

In the An3DBench XL, the RAZR M was a wee bit slower than some of the other Android powerhouses. Graphically, this phone is clearly a bit underpowered than some of its rivals, but there's still plenty of oomph here. Again, it's worth pointing out that for a mid-level phone, these results are very good.

JavaScript testing
JavaScript Android and iPhone testing

Only the excellent HTC One X and Galaxy S III phones completed the SunSpider test with quicker times, and even those two just barely beat out the RAZR M. If you're looking for bang-for-your-buck, look no further. 

Graphical Android testing
Despite weaker graphical scores in prior benchmarks, the RAZR M performed like a champ here. In our typical GL Benchmark test, it just barely bested the Photon Q and One X, and even finished ahead of the mighty Galaxy S III.

Rightware BrowserMark testing
Browser-based testing

Once again, the mid-range RAZR M is taking down the prior kings of Android, with its score here slightly beating out the Galaxy S III and One X. The numbers speak for themselves.

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