MonsterGecko PistolMouse FPS

Introducing the PistolMouse

In all of our experience with personal computers, we've never quite came across a device like the one which is the focus of today's review, the PistolMouse FPS by MonsterGecko.  Suited primarily for first person shooters, the PistolMouse is an 800dpi optical mouse masquerading as a Glock pistol.  When we first laid eyes upon its flashy red and black box, visions of laying waste to opponents in on-line matches flashed in our minds.  Soon after, we put in a call to MonsterGecko to see if the PistolMouse was truly up to the task.


Optical Performance Specifications:
  • Resolution: 800 dpi sensor with optimized lens
  • Image processing: up to 2300 frames per second
  • Speed:14 inches per second
  • Response: 3.2 milliseconds
  • Data Throughput: Conforms to USB 1.5Mbps specification, Version 1.1

System Requirements:

  • WINDOWS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and one free USB port
  • MACINTOSH: MacOS 10.0-10.3.3 and one free USB port
  • LINUX: HID-compatible mouse driver and one free USB port

As you may notice, the eye-catching package seems geared mostly towards the desired demographic - game-playing 15-30 year old males.  The cover of the box is emblazoned with a red gecko, which serves as the symbol of the California-based MonsterGecko, but gives little idea as to what's inside.  Opening the lid reveals the contents as well as an animated Gamer Chick hoisting the mouse.  Obviously, this is just a picture meant to whet buyers' appetites, but it does create a slight misconception.  In the picture, the PistolMouse is held aloft, and when showing said item to others, one of the first things we noticed was that people also tried to use the PistolMouse as if it were a light-gun.  Perhaps it's due to the shape of the device, but there's always going to be a slight learning curve when trying out a new item like this. 


Removing the contents of the box left us with the PistolMouse and a short set of instructions: Plug it in and Fight!  That's all there is to it.  Attaching an optical mouse requires little else than having Windows detect it and register the mouse in the Device Manager, and the PistolMouse follows suit.  All of the standard features such as clicking and scrolling are mapped to the different parts of the PistolMouse, which means you could use it for standard Windows functions as well.  The PistolMouse can also be added to the system in addition to a pre-existing mouse providing there are enough open USB ports, and swapping between the two input devices causes no hiccups whatsoever.


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