Mid-Range NVIDIA GPU Battle: GTX 460 vs. GTX 470

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Power Consumption, Noise, and Temps

Power Consumption and Operating Temperatures
How low can you go?

When it comes to power consumption, the GTX 460s obviously have the edge over the GTX 470. We found that the 460s used almost the same amount of juice during testing, with the Zotac model edging out the MSI card by a few watts.

Using Furmark's stability test, the Super Overclock GTX 470 hit 81 degrees Celsius under load, while maintaining 40 degrees at idle. Naturally, it ran considerably warmer than the GTX 460s. We found MSI's Hawk GTX 460 operated at much lower temps than Zotac's 2GB model. This is largely due to superior performance from MSI's Twin Frozr cooling solution, which sports two fans versus only one on Zotac's GTX 460.

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