Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Review, PC Gameplay And Performance With Orc-Slaying Fun

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Opinions And The Wrap-Up

If you enjoyed Shadow of Mordor, then you will undoubtedly love Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. Just go ahead and ignore the loose liberties taken with the story telling so you can fully appreciate this gripping and engaging action-RPG unfettered. Its shining achievements are its personalizing Nemesis system, the fluid and addictive martial arts-inspired combat and the massive epic battles played across the game's rich variety of settings.

middle earth shadows war
Nothing like taking out Orcs from afar.

The game performs great on max-settings using midrange to high-end hardware. Resolutions at 4K and beyond will require multi-GPU setups or players can tone down some of the graphic settings. It’s not the most striking modern-day Triple-A title, however Shadow of War aptly gets the visual-job done with impressive graphics, as all the pieces come together to paint a visceral, bloody and brutal picture of human-on-Orc warfare. Thankfully, lighting and landscape are more varied in this follow-up to the series as well. 

middle earth shadows war 16

Even now, we can’t wait to jump back in to Middle Earth: Shadow of War. The game really is that fun. We have much of Middle-Earth still to claim and more army-building, which means more satisfying Orc-brainwashing. Plus we have several Orc captains who’ve made our Nemesis list. They may be sneering and gloating now, but Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is one of few games that pokes at your vindictive side so intimately and continues to antagonize the player to take action. And take action you will, over and over, as these two key game mechanics never seem to get old. Middle Earth: Shadow of War - we highly recommend it. 

hothardware recommended

hot not
  • Epic, engaging battles
  • Combat is fluid, hard-hitting, sastisfying
  • Bolstered Nemesis system adds fun factor
  • Varied and personal engagements
  • Larger setting variety and solid visuals
  • Addictive army-building
  • Lack-luster story line not true to lore
  • Graphic engine beginning to show age
  • Mild control issues

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