Gaming Mouse Roundup: Corsair Sabre RGB, G.Skill RIPJAWS MX780, SteelSeries Rival 500

Corsair's Sabre RGB, SteelSeries' Rival 500, And G.Skill's RIPJAWS MX780

Gaming enthusiasts understand the impact that a proper gaming mouse can have on their performance. Whether it be for fast flick-shots in CS:GO or for programming macros in MOBAs, having a gaming mouse tailored to your needs is an absolute necessity. For this review, we compared three newer mid-range gaming mice from a few top PC accessory brands: the Corsair Sabre RGB, SteelSeries Rival 500, and the G.Skill RIPJAWS MX780. 

Corsair SteelSeries and GSkill Gaming Mice

It is important to note that there are different factors that could determine the way a user performs with each mouse. That being said, this review will act as a specification and use case comparison, with some analysis on what gaming styles and play types each mouse might be best suited for. 

Specification Overview

Corsair SteelSeries and GSkill Specs
 Pricing At Time Of Publication: 
Each of these mice are unmistakably gamer-targeted products. From their multitude of programmable buttons, to customizable lighting, and precision sensors for high accuracy and fast response times, there's no mistaking that these rodents are designed to function as precision weapons of mass destruction. And yes, each of them are fully corded, wired mice because wireless usually doesn't cut it when the frag hits the fan. 

Corsair SteelSeries and GSkil boxes front
Corsair SteelSeries and GSkil boxes back

The G.Skill RIPJAWS MX780 is the the most affordable of the bunch, weighing in at just $41 on Amazon currently, but also is the most customizable in some respects with the ability to serve left or right-handed gamers with ambidextrous configurability and counter-weights that can be added. The SteelSeries Rival 500, on the other hand, is a tweaker's delight with 15 programmable buttons and if you're a MOBA fan this mouse invites you to "rethink the thumb." It is also the most expensive at $79 or so, but offers something called "Tactile Alerts" with customized vibration feedback, something neither of the other two mice here can boast.  Then there's the Corsair Sabre RGB; with a 10K DPI Avago 3989 optical sensor, 8 programmable buttons and RGB lighting, at $45 or so, it's perhaps the most no-frills unit of our bunch and that may not be a bad thing at all. 

Let's get a closer look at these three mousy amigos...

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