Maylong's $99 M-150 Tablet Reviewed

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We picked up an M-150 because we were curious to see what sort of performance or features a $99 tablet could offer, not because we expected anything special. Ironically, we're therefore unable to claim we were disappointed in the tablet; it delivered everything we thought it would, which wasn't much.

Don't buy an M-150 hoping for a quality tablet computing experience. It's a passable e-reader, but Amazon's Kindle is now selling for $139 and is an infinitely better buy. The Maylong tablet's performance isn't really a problem—the VIA ARM9 chip is adequate, if uninspiring. The various screen issues, build quality variance, and flaky peripheral support are most of what makes this thing untenable.

Watch This Price Point:
Despite its myriad problems, the M-150 is an important sign of things to come. We fully expect to see a number of companies launching tablets in the $99-$149 price range over the next two years. It may be another 24 months before truly compelling $99 tablets hit the market, but it'll almost certainly happen. The M-150 won't go down in history as anything special, but it's an early step towards products that'll deliver computing capability at a lower price than ever before. 

  • Cheap
  • Passable as Cheap eReader

  • Quality Issues
  • Poor Battery Life
  • Screen Easy To Scuff / Scratch
  • Horrible MicroSD Slot

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