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Seagate Global Access

One feature that might prove quite a boon for small businesses and users on-the-go, is the Maxtor Central Axis Business Edition's support for the free Seagate Global Access service (Seagate owns Maxtor). Seagate Global Access allows you to access your Maxtor Central Axis Business Edition remotely over the Internet--you can think of it as a Web-based FTP server without actually needing FTP software. Not only can you access the data on the device, but you can provide access to virtually any folder on the device to anyone who has an e-mail address. 


Setting up an account on Seagate Global Access is very easy, but you'll need to make sure that you have enabled Web Access to the device either in the Maxtor Central Axis Admin Web Page or the Maxtor Manager software. Any user who accesses folders remotely via Seagate Global Access will need to set up their own account--it is free to all users. Access is provided to users on a per-folder basis, and you can opt whether to make that access read-only, whether they can download images, and if they can also have write access (which also lets them created subfolders). When you download a folder using Seagate Global Access, it downloads the folder to your local hard drive as a zipped file.


"Note: Although you can store and work with files 2GB or larger on your Central Axis Business Edition, you cannot access or add files 2GB or larger via the Seagate Global Access Web site."

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