Logitech Z906 Speaker System Review

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Sound Quality & Testing

To test the Logitech Z906 Speaker System, we loaded up a sample of low frequency bass tests, music files, CDs, games, and movies. Our goal is get an overall picture of performance rather than focus on just one area, like gaming. After all, not everyone is going to use these as strictly PC speakers, and likewise not everyone will shove these into their home theater setup.

Low Frequency Tests:

We hammered the subwoofer with a series of low frequency files, including those found here. The bass was more than adequate for an entry-level home theater, though it doesn't dip below 35Hz like a dedicated HT subwoofer would (or should). For the frequencies that it did it, the sound wasn't overly muddled.


While watching movies, the Z906 system again proved that it's more than capable of serving entry-level home theater duties. The satellites pump out volume without distorting, and the bass delivers a respectable amount of oomph for a $400 setup. It doesn't punch you in the gut like subwoofers that cost three times (or more) than the entire Z906 system, but it's a big upgrade over whatever built-in speakers your HDTV is rocking, both in volume and impact.


Playing games is where the Logitech Z906 excelled the most. A 5.1 setup makes all the difference in the world, and while some headsets do a superb job of replicating the various sound fields, sitting in the sweet spot of dedicated speakers just has no substitute. The Z906 was designed to hit hard and loud, and it delivers on both fronts.


We loaded up a variety of music files and CDs to test the Z906's ability to rock and thump and twang, and so forth. Overall the Z906 performed well, though music listening doesn't play into its strengths. Without tweeters, the satellites struggle a bit with highs, something that was evident when we fired up our Gangsta grass CD. Gangstragrass mixes rap with bluegrass (with brilliant results, mind you), and while the Z906 proved it gets loud, the one-way drivers had a tough time piercing the high notes of the fiddle play.

That said, if you're not an audiophile, you'll think we're offer our rocker for picking on the music performance of the Z906. Logitech's flagship multimedia speaker-set doesn't sound bad, it just doesn't put you in the middle of the orchestra.

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