Logitech Z906 Speaker System Review

A Closer Look

Inside the Z906 box, users will find the 8-inch subwoofer, four front and rear satellites, a center channel satellite, the stackable control pod, speaker wires, and a 6-channel direct input cable for connecting the speaker system to your PC.

The included speaker wires are only 18-gauge -- plenty sufficient for mainstream use -- but the nice thing here is that you can replace them with thicker wires since the satellites and subwoofer all use standard color-coded spring clip terminals. Logitech also marked the end of each positive speaker wire with a red border, so even if this is your first time hooking up a speaker system, there's little chance something will go wrong.

Whereas the Z-5500 speaker set looked like it belonged in a computer room, the Z906 is much sleeker and would have a better time blending in with a modest entertainment center, if that's where you plan to use it. The speakers sport a light black/dark grey, plastic exterior with a non-removable metal grille covering the driver. Though it's made of plastic, the speakers feel solid and slightly heavy.

We whipped out our allen wrench to take a peek inside one of the satellite speakers. The Z906's 3-inch satellites are sealed and use paper cones. There's no tweeter to help out with the highs, and Logitech instead relies on a compression driver design with phase plugs to extend the high frequency response and reproduce the entire sound spectrum. Each satellite is fed 67 watts (RMS) of power for a total of 335 watts

As previously mentioned, the satellites (and subwoofer) all sport color-coded spring clip terminals, so you're only limited to the size of the wire you can jam into the opening. There's no love for the banana plug loving crowd, which isn't surprising for a multimedia speaker-set.

The Z906 satellites also come with screw threads in the back in case you want to mount them to your wall. If going that route, you'll need to supply your own hardware though.

We know what you're really interested in, and that's the subwoofer. Audiophiles place a high value on subwoofers to accurately reproduce those rumbling lows, and regular Joes want to feel the thunderous bass rattle their internal organs. The one included with the Z906 speaker system is an 8-inch, side-firing, ported sub with a 6th-order bass reflex enclosure. In terms of size, it's a bit of a downgrade compared to the 10-inch subwoofer included with the Z-5500, it's supplied with less power too (165 watts on the Z906's subwoofer versus 187 watts on the Z-5500's).

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