Logitech Z906 Speaker System Review

Setup & Configuration

Setting up a 5.1 speaker system can seem like a daunting experience if you've never done it before. Fortunately for new users, Logitech treats the process as if this is your first rodeo, leaving little room for error along the way.

It starts with the back of the 8-inch subwoofer. Here is where you'll find all the necessary connections for your PC and home theater gear, including a 6-channel direct input (cable included), RCA input, two optical inputs, and a coaxial input. Just below sits the 15-pin console connector, and below that are a series of spring-clip terminals for hooking up all five satellites, each one clearly labeled (rear left, rear right, front left, front right, and center). One thing to note about the 15-pin console connector is that you'll want to be extra careful when plugging it in. We actually managed to bend, and eventually break one of the pins because we didn't line up the plug just right, rendering the entire unit non-functional (it won't power on if all 15 pins aren't intact).

Perhaps for the sake of appearance, and to help with location, Logitech shoved the amp inside the Z906's subwoofer rather than have it protrude out the back as with the Z-5500. For those of you concerned about overheating, the subwoofer never felt hot during testing.

Assuming you're more coordinated than we are and managed to plug the control console into the subwoofer without issue, everything should fire right up. The control console serves as a HUD of sorts, with orange LEDs indicating which input you're using, the type of decoding selected, volume level, and which speakers are firing.

There's quite a bit you can accomplish with the compact control console. There's a mute button, a level select button to adjust the volume on each speaker/subwoofer individually, and an effect select button with the following options:
  • Stereo 3D: Provides a 3D surround sound effect through all speakers
  • Stereo 4.1: Plays stereo through both front and both rear satellites, plus the subwoofer
  • Stereo 2.1: Plays stereo through both the front satellites and the subwoofer
The control pod itself is relatively small and designed to stack with your other home theater gear, such as placing it on top of your receiver or DVD player.

On the right side of the control pod you'll find a headphone jack that, when utilized, mutes all other outputs, and an auxiliary input for connecting external devices like a media player.

We mentioned that the Z906 speaker system would fit right in with an entertainment center, and towards that end Logitech ditched metallic speaker stands in favor of rubber sliders on the bottom. This takes up a little less space and allows the speakers to blend in inconspicuously with the rest of your AV equipment.

Like previous speaker systems from Logitech, the Z906 includes a remote control so you can play the part of conductor from the couch or your bed. It requires three AAA batteries (included) and features an On/Off button, Input Select, Mute, Level Select, Volume/Level Up, Effect Select, Volume/Level Down, and Test button to make sure all the speakers are working.

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