LG V20 Review: Android Nougat-Infused And Feature-Rich

LG V20 JetStream & Rightware Benchmarks

Smart phones are ever increasingly becoming the way people access the Web. A smartphone needs to have a responsive web browser to render complex pages fast, and a reliable cell or WiFi connection to ensure content is downloaded as quickly as possible. We can’t quantitatively state how well these radios perform in the phones as the variables between carriers and access points are too difficult to lock down, but we can investigate browser performance.

For our first tests we use the JetStream benchmark for Javascript and RightWare’s Web Test 3.0 for comprehensive web performance analysis, including HTML5 rendering. 
JetStream and BrowserMark
JavaScript and Browser Testing

LG V20 Jetstream

LG V20 Rightware Web 3

The LG V20, with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processing engine and Android Nougat OS, poses a credible, potent threat to the other flagship devices in our test group and racks up some of the best scores among Android phones. Only Apple's iPhone 6s shows breakout performance here -- clearly Apple has highly optimized web browsing with their platform. We would note anecdotally, however, that the V20 felt responsive and flawless handling web pages, re-orientating quickly when required, and loading multimedia content with ease.  

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