LG V10 Review: Big, Bold And Beautiful

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LG describes its new V Series of phones as an “experience creator” and “new alternative” in the high-end smartphone market. Indeed, the V10 is unique in a number of regards with its dual screens, two front-facing cameras, real-time manual video mode, and very durable construction. Indeed, these unique features make the phone fun to use, a pleasure to hold and beautiful to look at.

We had our reservations about the utility of the Second Screen and actual need for two front-facing cameras at first but after using the V10, we have really grown to love these features. The Second Screen made us realize how often we turn on our phone just to check the time or see if we missed a call or message. Being able to glance at the phone and see this information without having to turn it on is very handy. We also found ourselves using the wide-angle front-facing camera more often than expected.

LG V10 IPS Quantum Display

For many, the V10’s price will be a deterrent. At $250 on contract and $600+ without, this is an expensive phone. As mentioned in our video review the V10 is also a large handset, though we didn’t feel the size of the phone was out of line for this class of device. It's well made, and its size and weight are the trade-off you'll likely be comfortable with in exchange for a truly premium experience.

In our benchmark tests, the V10 repeatedly found itself in the middle of our comparison charts. In everyday use however, the V10 responded very quickly to all of our demands and handled multitasking without hiccups, likely a testament to it's larger 4GB of RAM configuration. Its battery benchmark tests are a bit more concerning. Although we were able to make it through a full day of light to moderate use, people who demand a lot from their phone will likely be forced to swap batteries or look for a quick charge before bedtime. This shouldn't be a problem though, since topping off the phone is lightning-fast with it's quick-charge technology on board courtesy of Qualcomm.

LG V10 back battery out

The construction and design of the V10 is another key feature we can't praise enough. Not only does this phone feel durable, it looks great. So often, we’ve seen manufacturers make sacrifices in design for durability or sacrifice looks in order to provide a phone that's more rugged, thinner, lighter, etc. LG has proven you can have both durability and attractive design in a single package.

Everything combined, there’s a lot to like about the V10. We appreciate LG’s attention to detail in its styling, as well as the addition of unique features that aren’t found on some today’s flagship phones, certainly not all together in combination. If you're looking for a premium Android smartphone with every bling, bell and whistle imaginable, the LG V10 definitely one for your short list.

  • Attractive & durable design
  • Excellent cameras
  • Second Screen
  • Removable battery
  • Expandable memory
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Disappointing battery life
  • Middle-of-the road benchmark scores

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