LG G2 Smartphone Review: Snapdragon 800 Powered

Benchmarks: CPU & Web Browsing

Next, we'll take a look at how the LG G2 compares to other smartphones by examining its performance in a few benchmarks that are currently available in the Android Marketplace.

General Compute, Javascript and Web Browsing Performance{Title}
  General purpose workloads

Here, it's clear that the LG G2 is a special breed of phone. It tops every other Android smartphone that has come across our review bench, and some of them by a healthy margin. What's most impressive, however, is to see just how far we've come since the original Galaxy Nexus. It feels like just yesterday that the masses were fawning over that handset, and now, phones are shipping that beat its performance by around 10x. That's incredible progress.

In the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark, the LG G2 notched a very solid score. It's not quite the top dog here, but it's close. Interestingly, we found browsing to be a total joy on this phone, with nary a hint of lag or stutter. Sometimes, benchmarks don't do an ideal job of showcasing just how great (or poor, to be fair) a certain aspect of performance is and this is one of those times. Interestingly, the iPhone 5s bested the G2 by nearly 2x in this test, but then again, browsing on newer iPhones has always been brisk.

The Rightware BrowserMark benchmark evaluates web browsing and browser performance of a device. Again, we see the G2 fall behind some closer Android rivals, but we wouldn't put a huge amount of stock into it. In our real-world usage, browsing was definitely quick. Of note, the iPhone 5s tops the G2 and most other Android phones here as well.

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