Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Ultrabook Review

Performance Summary & Conclusion

Lenovo enjoyed plenty of success with its original Yoga 13 convertible ultrabook last year and it looks like the company has another homerun on its hands with the Yoga 2 Pro. This new model takes everything that we liked about the original and improves upon it. Not only is the Yoga 2 Pro thinner, lighter and faster than the previous version, but Lenovo also made a few changes such as adding a rubberized rim that helps the Yoga 2 Pro have a better grip in Tent mode. It’s these little things that help make a system truly standout beyond just its nimble performance in the benchmarks.

There’s another key standout feature of the Yoga 2 Pro, and that’s the gorgeous super high-resolution QHD+ touchscreen with a resolution of 3200 x 1800. This IPS display supports 10 point multitouch technology and it simply looks great. We really can’t rave enough about this screen—it’s beautiful.

During our time with the Yoga 2 Pro we had few complaints about the system. Our benchmark tests revealed exactly what we experienced—this is a great system with excellent performance. Considering our test model wasn’t configured with all of the top-notch upgrades Lenovo offers, we can only salivate thinking about what more powerful Yoga 2 Pro models could offer in terms of performance. For it's as-configured price of $999, this Ultrabook delivers on all fronts with performance, build quality, great features and value. If you’re looking for even more performance, Lenovo also offers the Yoga 2 Pro with a Core i7-4500U processor and up to 8GB of RAM. You can also get a larger 512GB SSD if you like.

Although Lenovo’s included applications add some utility to the Yoga 2 Pro, we can’t see ourselves using some of them very often. That said, they’re not doing much harm either, and Lenovo’s additions are similar in quality and utility to other mobile systems we’ve reviewed over the years. 

Ultrabooks are popular for a variety of reasons, and convertible ultrabooks, like the Yoga 2 Pro, that can operate in multiple usage modes offer even greater versatility. Because of its performance, versatility, and gorgeous display Lenovo’s Yoga 2 Pro is one of our top picks for convertible ultrabooks, and as such, we’re giving it our Editor’s Choice award.

  • Gorgeous QHD+ (3200 x 1800) IPS touch display
  • Excellent performance
  • Laptop, stand, tablet, and tent modes
  • Display has some flex
  • Hard to find Power button


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