Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga: A Yoga Dressed For Business


The ThinkPad Yoga came loaded with a lot of software. We’ll parrot what we said when we reviewed the ThinkPad T440s, which is that some of the applications that ship on board this machine are programs that you’ll be glad to have, while others are just bloat. You can decide for yourself which is which.

Lenovo Companion

The complete list of bundled apps is rather lengthy and includes some familiar ones including a free trial of Microsoft Office and Norton, as well as Reading List, Nitro Pro 8, eBay, Hightail, Zinio, and rara music.

Lenovo Solution Center

Lenovo Control Panel

There’s also a heavy dose of Lenovo apps, including Lenovo Companion, QuickCast, and a special Lenovo area of the Control Panel (that you can reach via a direct link in the desktop toolbar, just like we saw on the ThinkPad T440s).

Lenovo Transition

There’s a Lenovo Transition tool that makes it easy for you to set your preferences for how applications act when you switch modes. It's simple tool with a clean and simple GUI, and you really can’t ask for more than that from this sort of application.



And of course, just for reference, above are some shots of the Desktop and Start screen - just so you can see the wealth of apps on the machine and Lenovo's standard setup for it.

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