Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Review: The OLED Display Update

X1 Yoga 3DMark And Far Cry 2 Performance


We step up our graphics assault with the tried and true 3D Mark Cloud Gate benchmark. This isn't as punishing as the Fire Strike benchmark but is still plenty to give low-power and portable PC's like this a good workout. The Cloud Gate benchmark consists of an array of graphical and physics based tests to simulate a typical load from a DirectX 10 title.
lenovo x1 yoga 3d mark cloudgate

Consider Cloud Gate to be another benchmark smashed by the ThinkPad X1 Yoga. These results are as good as it gets without stepping up to a discrete GPU like the 960 packed inside Dell's XPS 15. Getting back to the tablet mode, however, limited the 3DMark score to just 4875 which is around the performance of a two generation old Core i7-4500U. This shouldn't be an issue, though, as most games for tablet style interfaces use fewer resources than traditional desktop games so keep on crushing that candy.

Far Cry 2

Sure Far Cry 2 has a few years under its belt but who doesn't love being a bit of a mercenary? Far Cry 2's ahead of its time graphics and realism and exceptional built-in benchmark tool make it a great metric to see how far integrated graphics systems have come. Every part of the For our tests we target DirectX 10 and aim for the High detail preset...
lenovo x1 yoga far cry 2

Unlike Cloud Gate and the other 3D Mark tests, the Far Cry 2 benchmark runs a scripted scenario. This means that no two runs will be exactly alike as the physics in particular can vary from trial to trial. Even still we see the X1 Yoga running with the top machines, as expected.

Being a performance leader is fantastic but doesn't mean much when you're on the go and out of juice, so let's check the battery life...

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