Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Preview, Hands On Video

Performance & Additional Thoughts

Our first impressions with the ThinkPad Tablet are positive. The tablet seems responsive, and we like some of the customizations Lenovo has added to the standard Android user interface. One of the added features we're enjoying is the App launcher which provides easy access to apps without cluttering the screen with icons and without launching the full application listing.

Taking a quick look at a couple performance benchmarks, you can see that the ThinkPad Tablet performs very well in the BenchmarkPi and Linpack tests. Of course, we'll run all of our typical benchmarks and publish them in our full, detailed review for you in the days ahead, but we thought we'd give you an early sneak peek at this tablet.

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Stay tuned to HotHardware.com for the full review of the ThinkPad Tablet in the coming weeks. For now, we hope you enjoyed this preview.

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