Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 Windows 8 All-In-One

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Power Consumption & Noise

We used a power meter to measure the amount of power our test system pulled from the wall outlet. You'll find three figures below: power supply's maximum rated wattage, peak power consumption under a full CPU/GPU load, and how much the system pulled from the wall when idle, following a fresh system boot.

The IdeaCentre A720 is impressively efficient at idle, pulling just 40.8W, which is close to what we’d expect to see from a SFF system. Under a brutal double-whammy of Furmark and Prime95 pushing the GPU and CPU to their limits, the system also remained fairly efficient and maxed out at just 131W. That leaves a little bit of wiggle room for the 150W external power brick.

In terms of noise, the thing is quiet as a church mouse. Even chugging under a full load, we could barely hear anything at all. When at idle or during typical computing tasks, there’s virtually no noise whatsoever emanating from the system.

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