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Image Quality, Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Video Image Quality
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Now, let's talk a bit about image quality. But before taking a look at the pictures below, we'd like you to keep in mind that video quality is affected by the signal strength of the incoming cable line.  So, if the incoming cable signal is poor, video quality will be adversely affected.


When compared side-by-side to a standard TV, we thought the Leadtek WinFast USB II's output seemed to reveal a bit more background noise, but the overall picture quality was quite good. However, the resolution of a computer screen is much higher than a typical television, and users generally sit much closer to their monitors, so you're more likely to pick up on on-screen imperfections.

We really liked the Leadtek WinFast USB II Deluxe, although there are a couple areas where it could be improved. First, the USB cable that ships with the unit is easily dislodged from the device. The slightest nudge would jar the cable loose.  And another problem with the included USB cable is it's length. It's only about a foot long, so putting the unit anywhere except right next to your computer is not an option. Earlier in the article, we also mentioned the blue lights on either side of the Leadtek WinFast USB II Deluxe. These LEDs are very bright and there is no way to turn them off. While we don't really consider this a problem per say, not being able to turn off these LEDs will surely put off some potential consumers.

With a MSRP of around $150 USD (street prices already considerably lower), the Leadtek WinFast USB II Deluxe offers good image quality, a great software package, and some nice extra's such as FM Radio, a black carrying case, and a remote control. This product would be a good fit for anyone looking to get their feet wet with TV Tuning and Capture, and is even a decent choice for some more advanced users. The drivers are easy to install, and the WinFast PVR software is a breeze to use thanks to its well appointed graphical user interface. Based on its feature set, complete bundle, and ease of use, we're giving the Leadtek WinFast TV USB II Deluxe a Heat Meter rating of 8.

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