Leadtek Winfast TV USB II Deluxe

A Closer look and Package Contents

Leadtek WinFast USB II Deluxe - Taking a closer look
Leadtek's Bundle

The WinFast TV USB II Deluxe has a clean look to it, nothing ultra fancy, just a simple thin box with the Leadtek logo on it. However, Leadtek has also included blue indicator lights on each side of the unit. While this looks good with some rigs, this might be a slight turnoff to those of you looking to conceal the device with your other computer gear.

On one side of the device, you'll find the S-Video, Composite Video, and two USB ports. The other side contains the Audio In and Audio Out ports, as well as another USB port. The round hole you see in the front of the device, is the infrared receiver for the remote control.


Other than the expected cables and cords to get the product up and running, Leadtek has also thrown in a few appealing extras. A black carrying case has been included, and while trying to fit everything in there(software excluded) makes for a tight fit, nothing is in danger of being damaged or broken. The remote control is a nice touch that without doubt adds a certain level of "creature comfort".  In addition, the FM radio antenna extends to about a 11"-12" so the signal quality is pretty good.


As you can see, there's a nice complement of software to help you along with your media adventures. The manuals that are packaged are a quick installation guide, and the WinFast PVR manual. The quick installation guide will help you to setup up all the proper connections, and get the drivers installed. The WinFast PVR User's Manual explains how to operate the software for watching TV, so if your looking for help with the extra software, you'll have to consult the help files.

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