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The Leadtek Winfast GeForce256 DDR
Double Your Data Rate - Double Your Fun

Leadtek Winfast GeForce256 DDR Installation / Setup
No fuss, no muss...

This section is almost getting trivial for GeForce cards.  They install in a snap, have good 2D image quality and excellent stability.  One thing to be cautious of is the compatibility of GeForce and GeForce DDR based cards with the new Intel i820 chipset.  We experienced some issues with this card on the Gigabyte GA-6CX i820 motherboard.  We cannot say definitively that it was a GeForce/Leadtek issue or just that specific motherboard or even NVidia's base drivers.  If we get further details, we'll let you know.  Regardless, any good Intel BX based motherboard and even VIA Apollo Pro133 motherboards should work fine for you.

Leadtek packs in a fine set of utilities with their drivers.  Here are a couple of snaps for your viewing pleasure.


Leadtek also gives you the ability to play with the core and memory clocks on the Winfast GeForce256 DDR.  You can access this through their "Speed Runner" properties tab.

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Overclocking The Leadtek Winfast GeForce DDR
Making it look easy.

The Leadtek GeForce256 DDR was a competent overclocker.  With Leadtek's Speed Runner utility built directly into the driver suite, we were able to easily take the card well beyond the default core and memory clock speeds.  We were able to hit 140MHz core and 326 MHz DDR Memory clocks.  With other GeForce cards we have been able to obtain slightly higher core clock speeds of 150MHz.  This was probably due to the heat sink on the Winfast product being a little bit "lighter duty" than others we have tested like the Elsa Erazor X.  Regardless, you can still gain a fair amount over the default speed with the the Winfast GeForce256 DDR.

Putting the Pedal to the Metal with the  Winfast GeForce256 DDR...
Testing and Benchmarks this way.


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