Keys To Success: Mechanical Keyboard Round-Up With ASUS, G.Skill, Aorus, Logitech

Logitech G910 Orion Spark Performance

The sole keyboard in this roundup not using Cherry MX key switches is the G910 Orion Spark. Instead, Logitech tapped Omron to build custom "Romer-G" key switches. Logitech says its switches spent two years in development and are completely unique, as opposed to being rebadged switches already on the market.

Key Switches

Logitech G910 Orion Spark Romer-G

If comparing the Romer-G switches to Cherry MX, they'd be closest to the Cherry MX Brown, though they're not the same. Logitech is quick to point out that its Romer-G switches actuate at a distance of 1.5mm, making them up to 25 percent shorter and faster than Cherry MX's designs. Combined with a low force of 45g, Logitech says the response is "near-instant" and superior to anything else out there.

Logitech also claims a higher level of reliability with its Romer-G switches rated for 70 million keystrokes, compared to 50 million for Cherry MX key switches.


Logitech G910 Orion Spark Software

The accompanying software for the G910 Orion Spark is broken up into several easy-to-navigate categories. Pull-down menus rule the day and keep the menus neat and tidy, eliminating the ability to get lost.

It's a slick setup, one that makes creating macros easy and intuitive, even if adding in things like time delays. There are a plethora of pre-selected options to choose from in the various pull-down menus, and you're not just limited to the dedicated G1 through G9 keys, you can remap or add a macro to any of the keys on the keyboard.

You can also change the lighting in the software to one of several pre-configured setups and effects, or create your own.


Logitech talks the talk, but does its G910 Orion Spark walk the walk? That depends on what you're doing and where your expectations land.

For daily typing, once you get used to the angled keycaps, it's like typing on any other mechanical keyboard. It's a different feel for your fingers, and that's a good thing if you've grown bored with how most keyboards feel, or a negative if you simply prefer a more traditional keycap.

As for the Romer-G key switches, they're somewhat comparable to Cherry MX Brown switches, but lighter weight. They're also quieter, even as they bottom out—you don't hear as much noise when mashing the keys down with force.

When gaming, the angled design of the keyaps feels more appropriate, We're not sold on the angled edges making some of the keys easier to reach with the pinky finger, but it doesn't make them any more difficult.

It's also nice having access to nine dedicated macro keys, plus being able to remap any other standard keys. Combined with the neat lighting effects and Arx Control software, the G910 Orion Spark is yet another plank from Logitech that gamers will want to consider.

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