iStorage diskAshur2 Review: Ultra-Secure 256-Bit AES Locked Down External Storage

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iStorage diskAshur2: Summary And Conclusion

If your main concern is data security and durability, this is a drive well worth considering. It meets a number of important needs: security, portability, performance, ruggedness. About the only thing we didn't care for is the very short USB cable, but that's a design decision that the company obviously made for the convenience of most users and in order to fit the physical package to which it's attached. The cable is exactly the correct length to fit into its recess on the drive itself, and works well when tethered close to your notebook. If you happen to need a longer run, you can always get a USB extension. And if you happen to require a USB C connection, well, you'll need a dongle for that.


If you're an IT pro, work in a field that is subject to federal security requirements (HIPPA, FERPA, etc.), or find yourself storing sensitive files often (financial reports, confidential company materials, etc.), this drive may be for you. It's sturdy, compact, and plenty secure. It's a niche' product and not for everybody, especially if speed is your primary concern. However, if you need this level of data protection, it could be one of the best (and perhaps the most important) hardware investment you make this year.

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  • Compact size
  • Serious security
  • Sturdy rubberized dust- and water-resistant body
  • Carrying case
  • Short USB cable
  • A bit pricey
  • Fast for an HDD, but certainly not as fast as an SSD

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